At GeoSpatial Innovation & Services, a team of well-experienced, highly trained expert quantity surveyors who have in-depth knowledge of construction planning and design, programs, and costs will be there to assist you on your journey at every phase of the project.

We offer quantity surveying services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We are proudly able to provide these services to different company structure types such as private self-builders and homeowners, small to medium-sized building contractors and developers, and large general contractors.

Whether you are looking for short-term or lifetime quantity surveying support, our expert quantity surveyors use cost planning experience and construction knowledge to give you expert advice such as procurement options, contract administration, design economics, lifecycle costing, commercial management, and construction costs.

We offer accessible, highly reliable quantity surveying services for anyone needing support. Knowledge and skillset are powerful tools to help businesses get to where they need to be. We understand construction projects involve risk, budget constraints, proper planning as well as unexpected circumstances. With us, you are in trusted and reliable good hands.

We assist from initial feasibility testing until the project sees completion. A successful construction project requires help from an expert. Get in touch with our team today.